Who We Are

We are an independent, third-party quality assurance company created by scientists, for the people. We are committed to setting the gold standard for quality in the supplement industry by helping companies attain, and maintain, the highest standards.

For the first time ever the stability of supplements is being tested over the course of the shelf-life.

Our vision is for consumers to be able to identify the products that will give them the best chance of maintaining, or managing, their health.

The Process

  1. Members send a batch lot to Supplement Certified for testing.
  2. Products are preserved in a constant climate chamber at 25°C/60% rh (relative humidity) over the course of shelf-life assessment.
  3. Carotenoid analytes are measured using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in our state-of-the-art laboratory.
  4. We assess three samples in each test for the most accurate result.
  5. An individual report is presented in pdf format for each product tested at each time point.
  6. Each report contains final results for each analyte tested (Conformance: Pass/Fail), heterogeneity, uncertainty (with confidence interval 95%), Quality control results (within-run accuracy and within-run precision of the analysis), chromatograms and spectra of analysis and pictures of the product package.
  7. An analyte will ‘Pass’ when its concentration is equal or above the declared amount (taking into account two decimal places), and heterogeneity (relative standard deviation) is below 10%. An analyte ‘Fail’ if its measured concentration is below the declared amount or it has a heterogeneity above 10%, even if its concentration is equal or above label claim.
  8. Quality assurance mark is only provided if the supplement meets the label claim.

The Value Of Having Our Stamp of Approval

Help your products stand out in a highly-competitive market.

Show your customers that you care about having the highest possible quality in your products.

Ensure your supplements maintain potency and stability over the course of their shelf life.

Save on raw materials by having the exact quantities required for your product.

For more information or to become a member, contact us at:

e: info@supplementcertified.ie
t: +353 (0) 51 834 191